Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Training

Sunrise from Belcher Trail @ White Ranch
Had a lot of fun this weekend with an old college friend Jason Tischer coming into town.  We planned some great trail running and a little biking for the weekend.  The penultimate run taking place in Golden this past Saturday.  We netted just over 27 miles, with about 6900 vertical gain (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/182221711).  For Jason to come from Minnesota and accomplish this fitness weekend was nothing short of spectacular.  But being a college friend, we still had to give him a hard time and try our best to break his body and spirit.  He survived with some scratches and a broken Garmin watch.

Video and Other highlights included:

  • Jared nearly executing on the steepest mountain bike climb out of White Ranch, showing off extreme power and focus, despite my vociferous live action play by play from behind his rear wheel. He made it 98% of the climb before extreme exhaustion and an off camber log sent him into a trail-side bush.
  • Heath screaming like an 8 year old girl, leaping clear out of the trail at the sight of a 20 inch Garter Snake.
  • Jason tumbling off the trail at Mt Falcon and recovering for the fastest final descent, knowing he would not have to run up another mountain for months!
  • Tree trimming, yard work and beers for 6 hours on the Sunday "recover" day.
  • 2012 Kortsch Maryland Crab Fest with Mint Julips, beer, wine and the best friends in the world.
The weekend was made successful with the amazing support and understanding of my wife and the help of my friends.  I am so fortunate to have the best group of people that are willing to wake up earlier and earlier to partake in the madness of training for Leadman 2012. 

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