Friday, June 29, 2012

The Beginning - Leadville LEADMAN 2012

Tomorrow, June 30th, will kick off the Leadville Leadman 2012 Epic Challenge.  It is going to be an amazing journey from start to finish of each event.  I have had the great opportunity to work myself into the best fitness of my life over the last couple of years only to start the real challenge now.

Am I nervous? Yes, but mostly regarding the things I cannot control.  Mechanical, weather and the other factors that can shut down a racing season.  The difference with nerves and the LEADMAN Challenge is the fact that we race on 6 separate days over the next 9 weeks.

Leadville Marathon,
50 mile Mtn Bike,
50 mile Trail Run,
100 mile Mtn Bike,
10k Run and
100 mile Trail run... 
How do really ever calm down?

After tomorrow, "one" down and "five" to go does not ease the anxiety.  That damn 100 mile run looms overhead and completely overwhelms any positive vibe on a good training effort or race performance.  But I signed up for this!
Nicole and the boys in Telluride!
My good fortune starts at home. I have had such unbelievable support from my wife Nicole and my boys Rocco and Sawyer through it all.  With their help, I have been able to spend insane hours running, biking and cross training in preparation for the madness. 
Jared & I on top of Grays Peak 14er...windy!
It has all gone to plan thanks to my Coach and brother Jared who has provided none stop coaching, advice and joined me for some mega workouts.  Just awesome man. Thanks for putting up with my year and guiding me on this journey.
Heath & I after 14er Pikes Peak Ascent 2011.
I have also had my best friend Heath Kirschner rise and shine with me on nearly all of my trail runs over the past couple years.  His never say die attitude is contagious and has helped me get to where I am.  Thanks dude!  I still can't believe 3:45 AM was your breaking point, puss...

The other training buddies for this ramp up have been great in their support.  Thanks to Jeff Koski, Taylor Fenn, Pat Sullivan, Rob Kosick, Patrick Garcia, Paul Landry, Will Johnson and Jason Tischer.  Awesome guys!

Lastly, the guys at Addaero have been ridiculous.  Their belief in my abilities and what I am trying to accomplish, illustrates to me that there can be a long life to my plan.  Thanks Kevin, Josh and Wade! 

I am really excited to meet the other Leadman competitors, hear their stories and create some awesome memories together.  These will be my brethren for the rest of the summer and the only other people that will understand the real pain and suffering. This event can only be defined as a competition with yourself, fighting back the demons in your head to persevere to the end.  Let's get after this and stay healthy.

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  1. We have been thinking of you all day today! Good luck! We are so excited to read more about your experience. We will be there cheering you on for your 100!!!